The mother of one of the terrorists who murdered five people at a Jerusalem synagogue last month sang a poem praising his actions and expressing her pride at having raised her son to be a killer - just one day after the massacre.

A video, recorded by the pan-Arab Al-Hayat website and translated by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), shows the mother of Uday Abu-Jamal publicly reciting the chilling poem at the "mourning tent" for her son in Jerusalem's Jabel Mukhaber neighborhood, to the obvious delight of her neighbors.

"I'm wearing the embroidered gown.

How beautiful is your Martyrdom.

You have placed a crown [upon my head] 
and a star upon my shoulders.

O Ghassan and Uday, 
who carried out the operation (i.e., murder of 5),

blessed be your hands and the tips of your fingers.

Blessed be the womb that bore you,   

blessed be the breasts that nurtured you.

The daughter of Gaza said:

The people of Jerusalem sacrificed their blood,  

children and wives for the cause.

I, daughter of Jerusalem, am giving Gaza the most beautiful gift.

Ghassan's mother and Uday's mother said:

I brought up my children on the religion of Islam.

Yesterday [I gave] the most beautiful gift.

The Martyrs' blood was not spilled in vain.

I am a Palestinian." (Translation courtesy of PMW)

Uday, along with his cousin Ghassan Abu-Jamal, stormed the Kehillat Bnei Torah synagogue in Jerusalem's Har Nof neighborhood on November 18 armed with meat-cleavers and a pistol. Four Jewish worshipers were murdered and several others left with horrific injuries before the two were shot dead by police. A Druze police officer critically wounded during the shootout died several hours later as well, bringing the death toll to five.

The massacre took place amid an unremitting stream of incitement to violence, both on official Palestinian Authority and Hamas media as well as via social media. A string of previous attacks by Palestinian terrorists had claimed the lives of several other Israelis, mostly civilians, and were also accompanied by celebrations in Arab areas of Jerusalem and elsewhere in the country.

The Israeli government responded with a raft of tough security measures, some aimed at the family members of the Abu-Jamals, as well as relatives of other terrorists involved in previous deadly attacks. 

Ghassan's wife, Nadia Abu-Jamal, was expelled from Jerusalem by the interior minister, and the government resumed its policy of demolishing terrorists' homes as a deterrent. 

Many leftist groups, as well as the High Court, voiced their opposition to the measures - which they said unfairly targeted people who were uninvolved in the attacks. But proponents defended the crackdown by pointing to the jubilant celebrations by family members in the attack's aftermath - as well as the gloating pride exhibited by relatives, aptly illustrated in the above video.