As high-profile terrorist attacks escalate in Israel, particularly around the Jerusalem area, a new Palestinian Arab video uploaded to YouTube last week shows the idolization of terrorism and propaganda fueling the current wave of attacks.

In the video, one Arab terrorist wrapped in a Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) flag and with a hand grenade strapped on his belt can be seen passing out handguns, knives, swords and hatchets to six other terrorists.

The terrorists then stand in front of the security barrier in either Judea or Samaria and bearing their weapons in a menacing stance in a clear call for attacks, as a threatening song in Arabic is heard in the background with the following lyrics:

O my people in the (West) Bank, rise up, I'm coming, I'm coming

Strike with a knife, destroy your enemy, be the one to overcome them

I the suicide bomber, I won't give enemies quiet, I will rout them

My weapon today is my flesh, I will collapse the foundations of the tyrant

Hello heroes from the land of Gaza, (home) of men of freedom, we will send to Al-Quds (Jerusalem)

Rise to the acts of liberation, O my people, burn your enemy in fire

Heroes of Palestine, awake, the time of the volcano has arrived

We will chop off the hands of the thief and crush the strongholds of the criminal.

The video comes in the midst of a wave of attacks on Jews using many of the various weapons displayed, included guns, knives and hatchets, all of which were used lethally in the brutal attack on a Jerusalem synagogue in Har Nof last month.

Just this Monday a female Arab terrorist of Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction stabbed a Jew at Gush Etzion Junction in Judea and was shot and critically wounded while trying to flee; reportedly she had been jailed for a year in the past for a stabbing attack at the same exact location.