Zidan Seif's father at synagogue
Zidan Seif's father at synagogueHezki Ezra

Family members of Druze police officer Sergeant Major Zidan Seif (30) visited the Jerusalem synagogue in Har Nof where Seif was murdered by two Arab terrorists last Tuesday, as he tried to stop their attack in which they murdered four Jews at prayer.

Seif's father Sheikh Nuhad Seif and other family members were given a tour of the synagogue and a reenactment of the events by those who experienced the horrific attack firsthand.

"They kept hitting people with the ax by any means, also people who were already on the floor they continued to hit them. They were also shooting and also hitting," one witness told the Seif's family members. "At a certain point after they were here for several long minutes, Zidan was the first who arrived. He started to shoot from outside, and there were exchanges of fire."

Video from the visit in Hebrew can be seen here:

"They heard the shots from outside and they stopped here. Zidan's shots confused them and they stopped here, they could have continued. ...They (the victims - ed.) were praying, no one had a weapon. At a certain point they realized they couldn't continue, the two of them went out of the door quickly towards the stairs," continued the witness.

Relating the moment when Seif was murdered, the witness added "Zidan was behind the wall there, Zidan hit him, but he (the terrorist) while continuing coming down the stairs managed to shoot another bullet."

Seif's father responded "it's hard, we can't do anything that's our fate. We can just hope that Israel will only have happy occasions and not sorrow."

When told how the terrorists cut off the heads of two Jews at prayer, the father responded "they have no G-d. In a holy place like this, they come in, these are people with no values, these are not good people."

Congregants, students and rabbis at the synagogue thanked the father and family members for Seif's brave deeds that helped limit the attack and save lives.

"You know in our religion were are proud of every one who sacrifices themselves to save others. You'll go above (to heaven - ed.) and you'll be proud of him, he'll be in a place of honor," one thankful congregant told the father. "Someone who saves lives, he receives...with G-d's help, may you have only joy and pride. And it's not just him, it's your education, the education of all the family that caused him to do it."

At the end of the tour the family met with the families of the four other victims of the attack, ahead of the dedication of an ambulance of the "Har Nof Paramedic" organization in the names of the murdered.

Rinal, Seif's widow, said "I merited to love you and be loved by you the same. In every phone call you moved me to the depths of my soul. Our love brought the most precious thing - a four-month-old baby girl that you loved so much, and who you would miss every day (while at work - ed.)."

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