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The High Court for Justice has issued temporary orders preventing Israel from demolishing the homes of terrorists involved in the recent murderous attacks in Jerusalem – including the massacre at the Har Nof synagogue, the shooting of Yehuda Glick and the car terror attack at a Light Rail station three weeks ago.

The latest restraining order was issued Thursday after the families of the terrorists who massacred five people at the Har Nof synagogue filed a motion with the assistance of an Arab organization and an Israeli NGO called Hamoked, which lists the New Israel Fund and the Ford Foundation among its donors.

The plaintiffs say that destroying the families' homes, when there is no proof that any of the relatives was involved in the terror attack, is improper.

The families of the two terrorists reacted to the news of their brutal murderous rampage with hatchets, knives and guns by passing out candy and celebrating in Jerusalem's Jabel Mukabar neighborhood where they live.

On Wednesday, the High Court issued a similar order against the demolition of the homes of the terrorist who shot prominent Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick, and of the terrorist who plowed into a crowd of innocent civilians at a Light Rail station three weeks ago. Two people were murdered in that attack, including a three-month-old baby, Chaya Zisel Braun hy''d.