Israel is awash with winter rains, and Lake Kinneret in the Galilee has been soaking up the much needed water rising a rapid 3.5 centimeters (around 1.4 inches) in the last 24 hours alone, marking the largest single-day rise since summer.

The winter weather is set to continue on Wednesday, with thunder storms rolling from the north of the country down to the northern Negev desert.

In Jerusalem's Kiryat Menachem neighborhood in the southwest of the capital, the heavy winds and rain brought down an electric pole on Hantke Street. No wounds were caused, but a parked car on the street was damaged.

As a result of the damage, traffic lanes to the Ir Ganim and Ein Kerem neighborhoods were closed, with police guiding traffic in the area.

Heavy rains and stormy weather are set to continue at least until the afternoon, with the rain expected to taper off afterwards even as the temperatures remain colder than normal.

There are flood warnings for rivers in the south and east of the country, with rivers raised out of their banks by the extraordinary rains.

The traffic department of the police reports that the roads continue to operate as normal aside from Route 443 at Makabim Junction, where an error in the traffic light system caused traffic jams.

On the highway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv there was heavy traffic from the Latrun Exchange up until Shoresh Exchange.

Five centimeters (two inches) of snow were recorded on Mount Hermon in the north on the upper regions of the mountain. The snow is expected to continue gathering at the mountain, which is Israel's sole skiing mountain, allowing it to be opened for adventurous visitors.