Arutz Sheva was on the scene on Tuesday at the "Kehilat Yaakov" synagogue in Jerusalem's western Har Nof neighborhood, where in the early morning hours two Arab terrorists stormed in during morning prayers armed with axes, guns and knives, murdering four Jews and wounding eight others including four in critical condition.

Amram Cohen, a resident of the area, described the incident, noting that three of the four victims were hacked to death with axes and knives, while the fourth was murdered by gunfire.

Thousands took part in the funeral of the four victims early Tuesday afternoon. The four included Rabbi Moshe Twersky, hy"d, 'Rosh Kollel' for the 'Torat Moshe' yeshiva; Rabbi Kalman Levine, hy"d; and Aryeh Kupinsky, hy"d, all of whom held joint Israeli-US citizenship; and Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, hy"d, who was a dual Israeli-UK citizen.

Cohen noted that there is a "Hashomer" civilian patrol organization to provide security in the neighborhood, but that even so, with the faltering security situation and rising Arab terrorism, local residents don't feel secure. He added that the recent upsurge in attacks looks as though it is organized.

The two terrorists, identified as cousins Uday and Rassan Abu Jamal of the Jabel Mukabar neighborhood, hold blue teudat zehut identity cards and the benefits Israeli residency entails. One of them reportedly worked at a grocery store next to the synagogue they attacked; they were killed in a gunfight with police afterwards.