Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (illustration)
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France (illustration)Flash 90

Only hours after a firebomb was hurled at a kosher restaurant in the 17th district of Paris, a group of French teenagers assaulted a Jewish boy outside of his school. 

The attack took place Thursday in the 3rd district, outside of private high school Progress - known for having a large number of Jewish students. 

The victim was standing in front of the school with a group of friend when a gang of approximately 15 youths ages 16-19, described as "African," assaulted him. He was wearing a kippah, according to the National Bureau for Vigilance against Anti-Semitism (BNVCA), which reported the incident. 

The assailants beat the unnamed victim with their fists and elbows before fleeing the scene. The boy received medical attention and was given two days sick leave to physically recover from the assault.

Less than 12 hours prior, unidentified vandals attempted to burn down the kosher Zekai sushi restaurant, 4 miles west of the school. 

Several minutes earlier, some young Muslims who walked by the restaurant threatened the diners inside and called them “dirty Jews.” The diners did not react.

The vandals then hurled stones at the restaurant’s door but failed to penetrate through the door. A few minutes passed, and a loud smash was heard when a firebomb hit the restaurant's door.

The diners managed to see a group of Muslims running away as the firebomb ignited, starting a fire, which the restaurant's employees succeeded in putting out. None of the restaurant-goers was hurt.

The armored door of the restaurant was reportedly made of tempered glass, a factor which may have saved the clients inside the eatery from harm.

The restaurant, an upscale eatery situated in a chic neighborhood near the Arc de Triomphe, has been targeted several times in the past by passers-by who shouted “dirty Jews” into the restaurant before fleeing.

The restaurant displays a mehadrin-kosher certificate on its door and serves the religious Jews in the area.

Both incidents had been reported to the police, BNVCA said. The incidents are reportedly unrelated.