Aryeh Amit
Aryeh AmitFlash 90

What is happening in Jerusalem right now isn’t an intifada, but a war, former Jerusalem police chief Aryeh Amit told Arutz Sheva on Wednesday.

Speaking hours after a Border Police officer was killed in a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Amit called on the Prime Minister to make the decision to fight terrorism.

"We are now paying the price of a lack of policy and lack of decision making by the government,” he said. “For many years, except for pathetic and hollow slogans that Jerusalem is a city that came together, we did nothing. The Temple Mount is not in our hands and eastern Jerusalem is not under our control. We did not take care of anything, not of infrastructure, not of education, and we also did not enforce the law.”

Amit continued, "Everyone was talking nonsense and told us that there was no intifada in Jerusalem. Today we got war. The war is being conducted by tens of thousands of Arabs who hate Israel, they carry blue identity cards and can do whatever they want and they face a police that is not strong enough and a country that has not yet decided what to do.”

He said that more police forces must be deployed to the capital.

“One thousand officers are not enough, we need the entire counterterrorism unit. The Jewish residents of Jerusalem are scared to death, this is reminiscent of the days of the suicide bombings,” said Amit.

“The Prime Minister needs to be courageous and make a strategic decision, are we the power in eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount or not?” he added.