Ahmed Tibi
Ahmed TibiFlash 90

Arab MK Ahmed Tibi was slammed by MKs Tuesday for another case of “potty mouth,” in which he made fun of MK Robert Iliatov for “wetting his bed.” MKs called Tibi's latest shenanigans “disgusting,” and demanded that he apologize.

Tibi made the comments in the context of a poem he made up about Iliatov, a Yisrael Beyteinu MK. During a discussion of a proposal by Iliatov to require Muslim muezzins to tone down the early morning call to prayer, Tibi got up, ostensibly to speak on the matter. But instead, he took the opportunity to recite the poem questioning Iliatov's origins, and making the aforementioned childish comment – telling the plenum that he sought to “return Iliatov to the days of his childhood.”

“There was a young man from Uzbekhistan, Robert Iliatov was his name,” Tibi recited. “He wet his bed at night, and his parents tried so hard to discover why. Finally, an expert told them what to do; he must travel to a land where there are no muezzins.” But he chose the wrong destination, Tibi said in his short but outrageous poem.

Iliatov had no comment on Tibi's speech.