Islamic State terrorists (file)
Islamic State terrorists (file)Reuters

A special new report compiled by United Nations (UN) Security Council shows that more than 15,000 foreign nationals have crossed the borders into Syria and Iraq to join the ranks of the brutal Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist organization.

According to the report, published Thursday, there has been a mass movement of civilians from around the world in the past two years into Syria and Iraq to join ISIS's jihad.

Foreign nationals are entering a war zone in the Middle East to states known previously only for their oil, and not once mentioned in the context of global terrorism, according to the report.

The authors claim that ISIS's new recruits are citizens of 80 countries around the world. 

Although the report itself did not mention the names of the countries from which foreign fighters are coming, it has been widely published that recruits are coming mainly from countries like France, Russia, the United Kingdom and Ireland.

It was also recently reported that since 2011, 500 British citizens have crossed the Syrian border and joined ISIS's fighting. 

Earlier this week, Islamic State published a video of captured British photojournalist John Cantlie, in what appeared to be the heart of the bleeding city of Kobane.

In the video, ISIS claimed that they are in mostly full control of the Kurdish city which the West has been trying to save.