Car after Arab ambush in Wadi Joz
Car after Arab ambush in Wadi JozCourtesy

The "silent intifada" of terrorism in Jerusalem continued unabated on Thursday night, a day after the assassination attempt on Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick and despite heightened security, as yet another Jewish car was targeted in an Arab ambush.

Roi Gifman, a resident of the Ma'ale Hazeitim neighborhood on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem was the victim of the ambush, with Arab rioters pummeling his car with a hail of rocks as he drove to the center of the city.

Speaking to Arutz Sheva, Gifman related that the attack came as he drove in Wadi Joz, the same area south of Mount Scopus where a Jewish family barely escaped with their lives after a similar Arab ambush attack last month.

"Just about in the middle of the road a car stopped ahead of me for some unclear reason and blocked me. Suddenly a car burst onto the scene with five young Arabs, who confirmed that I was a Jew and started to throw rocks and stones at me," said Gifman.

The act of confirming their victim brings to mind another attack last Tuesday, when Arab rioters confirmed their Jewish victims in the Shuafat neighborhood before throwing rocks at them from point blank range.

Gifman related how the youths got out of their car to attack him, and soon were joined by another ten or so additional Arab assailants. His car was heavily damaged, with the rear windshield being completely smashed.

"Everything was pulverized. I hit the gas and ran from there, there's no doubt I was saved by a miracle, thank G-d," said Gifman.

According to Gifman, he contacted the police who told him to drive to the Ramot Eshkol Intersection and wait for officers to arrive.

"I waited at the 'white sculpture' (a landmark - ed.) until the officers arrived, and the place is a hitchhiking station for Arabs," said Gifman. "Those standing there started to laugh after they saw the damage (to the car)."