Hey, that's my manhood!
Hey, that's my manhood!Thinkstock

Gunmen opened fire inside a Lebanese hospital on Tuesday, after a man refused to allow doctors to shave his stomach hair in order to perform an operation.

The incident occurred at the Mortada Hospital in Lebanon's Baalbek region, according to the Daily Star, and began when a surgeon said he would need to shave a patch of body hair in order to carry out kidney surgery on a patient, who happened to be a relative of his.

But family ties aside, his patient - who, unfortunately for everyone involved, is a member of a notoriously violent local clan known as the Zeaiter family - apparently took the suggestion as an affront to his manhood and called for backup. 

Several gunmen arrived at the hospital in a Grande Cherokee shortly afterwards and proceeded to open fire inside the building - causing damage to the second floor but fortunately no injuries.

It is unclear whether any arrests were made or if a criminal investigation has been launched, but the real question is: why didn't he just say no?