Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and t
Fighters from the Islamic State in Iraq and tReuters

At least 34 people were killed and dozens injured Monday by two bomb blasts in and around Baghdad, Iraq's capital, BBC News reported. 

Today's casualties add to the list of hundreds killed in bomb attacks across Iraq in recent months. 

The first attack occurred when a suicide bomber drove a Humvee - likely captured from government forces - at a checkpoint near the town of Jurf-al-Sakhar, around 50 km (30 miles) south of Baghdad. That attack killed at least 24, Iraqi officials said. 

The attackers are believed to be terrorists from Islamic State (ISIS), who lost control of Jurf-al-Sakhar to government-led forces over the weekend.

The second attack, a car bombing which took place near shops and restaurants in the Karrada district of downtown Baghdad, killed at least 10. Dozens were also injured in the explosion. It is not yet clear who is responsible. 

The location of Monday's first attack, Jurf-al-Sakhar, was first seized by ISIS during their rapid offensive over the summer. The terrorist group quickly gained control over a large swath of territory spanning parts of Syria and northern Iraq.

Jurf-al-Sakhar, is seen as a strategic buffer between the ISIS's strongholds in Sunni Arab-dominated Anbar province and Shia-dominated southern Iraq. The town also lies along a major pilgrimage route used by Shia Muslims.

Government forces and allied militia have spent the months since Jurf-al-Sakhar was captured attempting to regain control of the strategic town. 

In addition, the United States has been leading air strikes since August to help Iraqi and Kurdish forces push back Islamic State.