Jamie Geller
Jamie GellerYoni Kempinski

Joining events in 170 cities and more than 1,000 communities around the world, Jerusalem on Thursday hosted the Great Big Jerusalem Challah Bake to help prepare for Shabbat in the spirit of togetherness and unity.

Featuring Celebrity Chef and Author Jamie Geller, hundreds of Jerusalem women and girls attended this spiritually uplifting event.

Originating in South Africa as a groundbreaking initiative of the South African Chief Rabbi, The Shabbos Project has taken off in communities around the world, calling on people to keep this one sacred day in its entirety and connect with the worldwide community.

Hosted and sponsored by JICNY, Jerusalem Interactive, The First station, Fun in Jerusalem, One Family Fund and Lisa’s List, the event which took place at Jerusalem’s First Station was pulled together by Jodi Samuels, a recent immigrant to Israel, community activist and entrepreneur.

“This is an amazing project, where we brought people from all over Israel to come and do challah baking in Jerusalem, in the epicenter of the Jewish world,” Samuels told Arutz Sheva.

She added that the event was “an opportunity to be part of something so much bigger all around the world.”

“Challah’s not just a food,” said Geller, Founder & Chief Creative Officer of the Kosher Media Network. “Challah is one the most holy experiences you can have as a Jewish woman in the kitchen and challah touches the soul. Anyone who’s eating it is getting a taste of the world to come.”