Harper with Netanyahu
Harper with NetanyahuFlash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Wednesday evening with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and asked to convey the condolences of the Israeli people in wake of the terrorist attack in Ottawa.

Netanyahu expressed his full support for Canada's fight against terrorism, in which Israel and the international community are partners, the Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement.

U.S. President Barack Obama also spoke with Harper to express the American people’s solidarity with Canada in the wake of the attacks.

“President Obama condemned these outrageous attacks, and reaffirmed the close friendship and alliance between our people,” said a statement from the White House. 

“The President offered any assistance Canada needed in responding to these attacks.  Prime Minister Harper thanked the President and the two leaders discussed the assault and agreed to continue coordination between our governments moving forward.”

Wednesday’s attack occurred in multiple locations in the Canadian capital, and began at the National War Memorial outside of the Canadian parliament.

A soldier in uniform and carrying an unloaded rifle was shot four times and was taken by ambulance to Civic Hospital, nearby, where he later died from his injuries.

The shooter then apparently moved inside Centre Block, the main building of the Canadian parliamentary complex. More shots were fired, presumably some by law enforcement.

The police have confirmed that the gunman was killed inside the Parliament building.

The attack took place just one day after Canada’s federal government raised its internal threat level, citing an increase in “general chatter from radical Islamist organizations”.

Earlier this week, a man in Quebec drove a car into two soldiers. The federal government has linked the incident to terrorist ideology.