IDF patrol near Gaza (file)
IDF patrol near Gaza (file)Flash 90

A resident of Gaza was arrested on Wednesday morning by security forces after having illegally infiltrated into Israeli territory.

The man was not armed, raising questions as to the intent of his infiltration that investigators will seek to answer.

In the Eshkol Regional Council area roughly 500 meters into Israel the man was nabbed by security forces, and brought in for investigation.

The incident comes after Gaza infiltrators late last month breached Israel's borders twice in two days. In the first case, the infiltrator was armed with a knife and a spike to carry out a terrorist attack.

In the second case, a violent Arab riot adjacent to the border gave the man cover to infiltrate into Israel, although he reportedly was unarmed.

Earlier in September there was an additional infiltration incident, as a Gazan man broke into Israel armed with a knife.

The prospect of infiltration comes after the IDF finally confirmed rumors on Tuesday that Hamas wasplanning a massive attack on Israeli communities by hundreds of terrorists who would infiltrate into Israel via the vast network of terror tunnels dug from Gaza.

IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner revealed in an exclusive Vanity Fair report that in acting to destroy the tunnels Israel may have prevented a coordinated massacre of its civilians on an unprecedented scale.

However, Hamas has already revealed that not all of the tunnels were destroyed, and has openly announced it has restarted construction on the tunnels.

Despite that, Israel last Tuesday began transporting more construction materials into Gaza as a "humanitarian gesture" including 600 tons of cement, 50 truckloads of aggregate and 10 truckloads of steel - even though such materials were siphoned off in the past by Hamas to build the tunnels in the first place.