At Klinghoffer protest
At Klinghoffer protestMark Langfan
In a heartfelt and hard-hitting speech at the demonstration Monday against the opening night of “The Death Of Klinghoffer,” Arutz Sheva's UN correspondent and Chairman of Americans For a Safe Israel (AFSI) Mark Langfan called the Metropolitan Opera House “an Al Qaeda terror safe-house.”

The crux of his remarks, on which Langfan further elaborated in his op-ed “The Sick Logic of Wealthy Jewish Met Opera Donors,” was that by legitimizing the Palestinian terrorist murder of an American Jew in a wheelchair “because there is an Arab-Israel conflict,” the Met in fact put a “bulls-eye on the forehead of every American Jew” through the validation and glorification of Palestinian Arab terrorism.

“It wasn’t enough that Mr. Klinghoffer was murdered once by terrorists,” Langfan said. “The Met Opera has to murder him eight more times!”

Langfan asked what would have happened if there were 100 African American donors to the Met Opera, and the Met Opera showcased an opera that tried “to understand both sides” of a white mob lynching a black man.

There would not be a single black donor left after the Met “lynching” opera premiered, he said in answer to the hypothetical question. Yet, he stated, there “still are plenty of American Jews donating millions to the Met Opera. And, that is a sickness the Jewish people have to deal with, and we’re here to fight it.”

The Metropolitan Opera has scheduled many more showings of “The Death of Klinghoffer." Anyone interested in helping protest this opera, or in advocating for a safe and secure Israel is welcome to call the AFSI office at 800-235-3658 or email [email protected].

At Klinghoffer protest Mark Langfan