Ronen Shoval
Ronen ShovalFlash 90

Im Tirtzu’s Zionist Guards of Democracy will monitor the activities of the Knesset and the actions of the Members of Knesset to preserve the Jewish-democratic character of the State of Israel when the winter session of the Knesset opens next week.

Among other things, the Guard members are working to promote and initiate bills, such as a national holiday for Jerusalem Day put forward by MK Yoni Chetboun; are heading the steering committee for the Knesset Caucus to Combat the De-legitimization of Israel; are helping to promote minority recruitment in the IDF; and are attending important meetings and discussions.

Other tasks the Guards will undertake are: to observe and to monitor the activities of MKs on democratic-Zionist issues; to initiate legislation to promote the idea of a Zionist and democratic state; to take part in generating public support by explaining legislation; to assemble and to publish an index of Zionist-democratic issues for the each Knesset session; and to award one MK a certificate of Outstanding Zionist.

Im Tirtzu says that due to the increasing involvement in the Knesset by organizations supported by the New Israel Fund and its operational arm, Shatil, and their increasing influence on legislation, there is a great need for the Zionist Guards of Democracy.

The operations of the NIF and the activities of the organizations it supports take place within various government agencies, in the president’s office, in municipal offices, in regional councils, in the Jewish Agency, at universities, and in the Knesset, explains the grassroots Zionist movement.

In the last 30 years, says Im Tirtzu, Shatil has affected “300 laws, initiatives, and legislative amendments.” The NIF also participates in various Knesset committees. Therefore, Im Tirtzu says its intervention is needed, as a Zionist entity that will monitor the Knesset and the increased involvement of NGOs supported by the New Israel Fund.

Dr. Ronen Shoval, founder of Im Tirtzu, noted that “the very presence of Guard members in discussions in various Knesset committees may affect the debate and everyone involved simply by knowing that Guard members are observing and will promote Zionist and democratic activity in the Knesset.”