Israeli cabinet meeting (archive)
Israeli cabinet meeting (archive)Flash 90

While the Israeli public returned to its daily routine Sunday morning following the conclusion of the holidays, the Israeli government seems to be dragging its feet.

The weekly cabinet meeting, scheduled for every Sunday, did not take place this morning, Walla! reported, and has been postponed to the middle of the week. As of now, the ministers plan to hold the meeting Wednesday morning. 

In recent weeks, several cabinet meetings have been canceled or delayed. Various reasons have been provided.

The fighting in Gaza over the summer forced Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon to focus on managing Operation Protective Edge, particularly during the months of July and August.

Discussions in regards to formulating a compensation package for southern communities after the war also created delays.

Most recently, Netanyahu's trip to the UN General Assembly and Washington, as well as the beginning of the holiday season set the meetings back. 

The last cabinet meeting took place 12 days ago, on Tuesday, October 7. The meeting before that was held on September 21, and the meeting prior to that on August 31 - spans of weeks between each meeting. 

The main reason given for postponing this Sunday's meeting is that government ministries have barely worked in the past three weeks due to the holidays. Thus, the ministers have no proposals they are prepared to vote on.

The government ministries are expected to return to their work routines in the next 3 days, and by Wednesday the government should have new proposals to vote on. 

However, the exact date of the meeting has yet to be set on the Cabinet Secretariat's official schedule.