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A Nazi-themed beauty pageant has been organized in Russia, so far featuring 14 women and girls from Russia and other eastern European countries, the British Daily Mail has reported. 

The contest, which has been dubbed 'Miss Hitler 2014', is encouraging attractive females who love Hitler and hate Jews, to apply for the competition on the social media site VKontakte. 

The VKontakte page, which boasts more than 7000 followers, describes itself as a group of Russians and Ukrainians paying tribute to Adolf Hitler.

The competition, officially titled 'Miss Ostland', is named for the territory occupied by the Nazis in eastern Europe where more than a million Jews were murdered.

Contestants must post a steamy Nazi-themed selfie and write in the photo caption why they "love and revere the Third Reich of Adolf Hitler."

The contestant who received the most 'likes' will be declared the winner. 

First prize is a piece of jewelry from a company called 'Magic Workshop'. The piece features one of the Nordic runes so beloved of Heinrich Himmler and the SS.

A pendant combining the classic German Iron Cross and Third Reich heraldry is being offered as second prize.

The contestants include Katya Shkredova, from Mogilev, Belarus. She is pictured wearing a Nazi hat, saying she "adores" Hilter, because he was willing to "experiment on people." 

Irina Nagrebetskaya from Kiev, Ukraine, wrote under her photo: "Don't forget! Adolf is his name, he's our eternal race, he has been given eternal life."

Ekaterina Matveeva from St. Petersburg, Russia, said she believes "Adolf Hitler's position is genius and true, that races are different not only in appearance, but also in intelligence."

The competition has sparked massive outrage on Twitter and other social media sites.

Some protestations include "This is absolutely disgraceful, why would you organize a Miss Hitler competition?" from Miriam Stoke.

Andrew Gross commented: "A 'Miss Hitler' pageant is a reminder of the global #antisemitism circulated today online that we need to fight."