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U.S. President Barack Obama revealed over the weekend that his credit card was "rejected" at a New York restaurant last month as he was visiting the United Nations, USA Today reports.

"It turned out I guess I don't use it enough -- so they thought there was some fraud going on. Fortunately, Michelle had hers," Obama said Friday at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

"I was trying to explain to the waitress, 'No really, I think that I've, uh, been paying my bills.' So even I'm affected by this," he added.

Obama recounted the story as he signed an executive order on identity theft. The order mandates chip-and-pin technology on federal government credit and debit cards, provides new help for victims of identity theft and works with businesses to encourage more identity theft prevention measures.

Later, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he didn't know the current status of the president's personal credit card and joked that "it's unclear whether he left a tip at the bottom of the executive order."

The Washington Post notes that Obama has been concerned about the state of his credit before. In Austin in July, he ordered more than $300 worth of barbecue and realized he didn't have enough cash, so he pulled out his credit card but asked trip director Marvin Nicholson if it was good before handing it over to the cashier.

Nicholson assured Obama that the card would work, and apparently it did.