Islamic State (ISIS) released a new propaganda video, designed to recruit more young Muslims from around the world to join its jihadist ranks, and to discourage the international coalition against it from taking further military action in Syria and Iraq. 

The footage, released Friday, shows a number of jihadists speaking in three languages to the camera: (UK) English, French, and German.

"We are waiting for you in Iraq," the British terrorist identified as "Abu Abdullah" stated. "So bring your coalition of unbelievers, because they will not help you. And your puppet apostates? These people cannot help you in the least."

"We will kill every single soldier in the name of Allah," he continued. "We will chop off the heads of the Americans, chop off the heads of the French, chop off the heads of whoever you may bring." 

"Abu Abdullah" then embarked on a show of bravado, claiming that airstrikes are not wearing down the terror group's resolve and that they will one day be victorious in controlling the Middle East and the West. 

"Know that we are fighting for a cause, know that we are fighting to die," he said, adding that bombs "strengthen our purpose for being here." 

He added that "many Europeans are here" and that they have seized Western military equipment, including RPGs, IEDs and humvees. "The ISIS flag will eventually be on the White House," he concluded. 

Next, a French terrorist, "Abdul Wadoud," spoke to the camera. He called French President Francois Hollande a "pig," slamming "disbelievers" who "spend their wealth elsewhere" and then will be "overcome" by ISIS. 

"Everyone knows how much money your coalition has spent and lost in your war against Islam," he boasted. "You, the coalition, will become the losers." 

"Wadoud" then specifically addressed Hollande, threatening "we will take revenge for every drop of blood spilt as the result of your actions. Because the soldiers who have arrived from France to the Islamic State are all ready for you." 

More than 1,000 French citizens have joined ISIS, a French official revealed to Channel 2 earlier this week. 

"Abu Dauoud" from Germany then took the stand, calling US President Barack Obama a "despicable liar" and calling on Muslims in Germany and the EU to join ISIS. 

He also introduced a series of anti-Semitic insults into the mix, saying "to the filthy (German Chancellor Angela) Merkel who gives gifts to Israel, and to the Jews - Israel has nothing to do with you." 

The latest video follows reports that hundreds of ISIS terrorists were killed in the latest round of airstrikes on Iraq, which have now been given a name: Operation Inherent Resolve

Exact data on foreign nationals globally is uncertain. Some estimates claim that up to 75,000 foreign nationals may now have joined Syrian rebel groups.

But the Obama administration official said earlier this month that the National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC) has placed the official estimate at closer to 15,000 foreign nationals from 80 countries, with roughly 2,000 Europeans and over 100 Americans.