Hazardous materials worker (file)
Hazardous materials worker (file)Flash 90

Parents in Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood called Magen David Adom paramedics to their home on Thursday during the Shemini Atzeret holiday, after their three-year-old daughter showed signs of being poisoned.

The toddler was defined as being in lightly wounded condition, after apparently suffering the effects of a recent application of pesticides that were sprayed in the home.

The girl was treated on scene by the medics before being evacuated to Sha'arei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem for continued treatment.

Special firefighter units arrived at the apartment to neutralize the harsh pesticides, but did not find evidence of large quantities of poisonous chemicals at a concentration that would pose a threat to one's health.

Police have opened an investigation to explore what exactly was behind the girl's poisoning.

The poisoning of a young girl in Jerusalem brings to mind the tragic case of the Gross family, whose infant daughters Yael (2) and Avigail (4) z''l were killed after an exterminator left a highly toxic material, phosphine, in their Jerusalem apartment's reinforced security room in January.

The entire family became seriously ill due to the poison, but fortunately the Gross's two young sons Michael (7) and Yitzhak (5), who were critically ill for weeks, pulled through and survived their ordeal.

After the shocking incident, the Ministerial Committee for Legislation discussed tougher regulation on pesticide poisoning, allowing only those qualified to use the dangerous chemicals permission to do so, and stripping that ability from "pest extermination assistants."