MK Mohammad Barakeh
MK Mohammad BarakehFlash 90

In an interview for the official Palestinian Authority television station, MK Mohammed Barakeh (Hadash) compared Israel to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS, reveals Palestinian Media Watch (PMW).

Barakeh said: “I am telling you that organization closest to ISIS in Israel is the Israeli government. It is the one that has an interest in this phenomenon (ISIS). It is the one carrying out these things, maybe by other means, by pressing buttons from the air. The one murdering and slaughtering innocents is Israel, and the sights from Gaza are still before our eyes...”

"In the end,” said the host, “Israel gives assistance to ISIS and this assistance is declared openly. Israel enables ISIS to move freely along its border, and it gives it medical assistance in Israeli hospitals. This entire connection is suspect and complex.”

"Exactly,” agreed Barakeh. “And the connect that to the Palestinian people. When they speak of Gaza, they say Hamas is ISIS and Al Qaeda.”