The parents of Naftali, Eyal and Gilad
The parents of Naftali, Eyal and GiladFlash 90

The parents of murdered teens Eyal Yifrah (19), Naftali Frenkel, and Gilad Sha'ar (both 16) are grateful that justice has been served for their sons, they said in a joint statement released Tuesday, after it was revealed that Hamas terrorists Marwan Kawsameh and Amar Abu Eisha had been killed in a gunfight with security forces overnight. 

"We are grateful to government and security forces, whose steadfastness brought our children's killers to justice," the families stated. "The world has realized that Jewish blood is not cheap." 

The families were especially thankful to the Yamam special forces fighters, who risked their lives to avenge the murders. 

"This has closed a circle of evil and, for the beginning of a new year, we hope that from now on there will only be good circles ahead," they added. "We wish a 'Shana Tova' [Happy New Year] and sweet wishes to the entire people of Israel, and would like to thank everyone in Israel and abroad who embraced and supported us."

Individually, the parents also expressed a distinct sense of relief. 

"The murderers who took my son's life have been punished and that gives [us] a sense of relief," Iris Yifrah stated to Arutz Sheva Tuesday. "We waited for this moment, we prayed for this moment, and they have been punished." 

"The message is that God makes an accounting with the murderers, and is, perhaps, a sign that this year will see the erasure of a curse on it," she added. "The Almighty runs the world - we are so infinitesimal, we are so small, and I believe in His Leadership with complete faith."

Racheli Frenkel stated that she is relieved on two fronts: that no soldiers were harmed in the operation, and that she does not have to face the killers in court.

"Throughout the period [after the murders], there were two people going around there with two pistols and automatic weapons, who have nothing to lose," she recounted to Walla! News Tuesday morning. "We were afraid that more innocent people would be hurt, and we are pleased that this was resolved without any injuries to our soldiers."

"We know that the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency - ed.] and the military were working on it intensely," she added. "I'm glad they were able to accomplish their mission without harming soldiers." 

"I'm not all that sorry that I won't encounter their laughing faces in a courtroom," she added to IDF Radio later in the day.