Marwan Kawasmeh (L), Amar Abu-Eisha
Marwan Kawasmeh (L), Amar Abu-EishaIsrael Security Agency

Minutes after a gag order was lifted, revealing that the IDF had eliminated her son's murderers overnight, Rachel Frenkel (mother of murdered teen Naftali, hy"d) feels a sense of relief. 

"Throughout the period [after the murders], there were two people going around there with two pistols and automatic weapons, who have nothing to lose," she recounted to Walla! News Tuesday morning. "We were afraid that more innocent people would be hurt, and we are pleased that this was resolved without any injuries to our soldiers."

"We know that the Shin Bet [Israel Security Agency - ed.] and the military were working on it intensely," she added. "I'm glad they were able to accomplish their mission without harming soldiers." 

Reactions from military officials and MKs have begun to pour in as well. 

"On the eve of the Jewish New Year, Operation Brothers' Keeper - which began Friday, June 13, 2014 and continued with determination since then - came to an end," IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Monday. "We promised the Sha'ar, Yifrah, and Frenkel families that we would get to their children's murderers, and we did that this morning."

The Chief of Staff thanked the soldiers and officers who worked constantly to find the murderers, adding that "there is no consolation to the families mourning this difficult loss, but I hope that they are somewhat relieved upon receiving news that we hit their children's murderers." 

"The success of the security forces in destroying these vile terrorists is Israel's success as a whole, and removes a curse in honor of the new year," Housing and Construction Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) said Monday. "I congratulate the security forces on the successful assassination and wish us all - especially the Frenkel, Sha'ar, and Yifrah families - a better year." 

"I congratulate the army and security forces on the successful operation," Deputy Education Minister and MK Avi Wortzman (Jewish Home) stated. "The elimination of the murderers is a clear warning sign to all who wish ill upon us."

"Our Army will continue to reach - and harm - terrorists, no matter where they are," he added. 

MK Danny Danon (Likud) sent "a hug of condolence" to the three families, in his words.

"Terrorists will be eliminated - this is a clear message to all our enemies," Danon said. "We will not rest until we settle the score with terrorists, no matter where they hide." 

"I received the news of the elimination of the murderers of Naftali, Gilad, and Eyal while in the Cave of the Patriarchs [in Hevron], the same place where I - like many others - prayed for the boys' safety," MK Orit Struk (Jewish Home) reflected. "Even after the government's decision to re-incarcerate terrorists released in the [2011] Gilad Shalit deal, and after we passed two laws to reduce the likelihood of releasing more terrorist prisoners, there is no doubt that eliminating these brutal terrorists is the best response to Arab terror." 

MK Alex Miller (Yisrael Beytenu) welcomed the elimination of the murderers of three boys. 

"I would like to congratulate the security services of the State of Israel on the successful operation against the murderers of three boys, Gilad, Naftali, and Eyal," he said. "Israel's message to the terrorist movement Hamas is purely and will not be silent and will not rest until we will exploit to justice all those despicable terrorists who seek to harm our citizens dear. "

"Israel has proven once again that we know to bring to justice anyone who dares to raise his hand against us," MK Ze'ev Elkin (Likud) said. "I urge the Minister of Defense to delay the return of their bodies of the dastardly Hamas terrorists, who will not return to us the bodies of (murdered soldiers) Hadar Goldin and Oron Shaul, hy"d." 

MK Nissan Slomiansnki (Jewish Home) agreed. "I commend the Israel Security Agency, who sends a message to all terrorists that there is a law, there is a judge, and there is an end to every terrorist." 

"The successful operation today is proof that there is no alternative to settling Judea and Samaria," he added. 

The Jewish community of Hevron also welcomed the news.

"The nation of Israel expected justice to be served, and it was done," the community said in a statement. "The Jewish people awaited this ahead of Rosh Hashanah [the Jewish New Year]. The full answer [to Arab terrorism] will be when the government of Israel welcomes the building and development of the Jewish community in Hevron with the respect due to the city of our Patriarchs."