Rapelling (illustration)
Rapelling (illustration)Flash 90

Moriya Arami, the 24-year-old widow of construction worker Netanel Arami of the coastal moshav Ahiezer who fell from a high building to his death last week, revealed on Sunday that her husband worked while under the threat of his Arab co-workers.

Moriya, the mother of two small children Eitan and Aviya and pregnant with a third, told Yedioth Aharonoth on Sunday "my husband was a religious man, but he always went to work without a kippah on his head out of fear of the Palestinian workers employed at construction sites."

Further solidifying suspicions that Netanel was the victim of terrorism, Moriya stated "Netanel was an expert in rapelling, he knew he had children waiting for him at home, and therefore security came before everything for him."

"My husband didn't have any conflicts with people, and I feel in my bones that his fate was caused by being there on the building," added Moriya.

MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) has accused the police of covering up the terror aspect of the case with a gag order, noting police "went up to the roof and found the slashed rope, heard the Arabs laughing. A rapelling rope that has been cut looks completely different from one that was worn out. And there are two of them – one main rope and one for security."

That appraisal was shared by MK Orit Struk, who like Feiglin held the police at fault and promised to get involved.

"How will we survive?"

Moriya on Sunday noted the financial hardships her young husband's death has put the family in, remarking "Netanel recently started an independent business for rapelling work and took a loan."

"They cut our livelihood and our lives in a moment, and now I don't know what will happen with the debts," said the bereaved wife. "Instead of mourning over my husband my head if full of worries over how we will survive financially, how will we cover the debts, how will we exist."

Rent and kindergarten alone costs 7,500 shekels a month noted Moriya, who works at a kindergarten but doesn't receive enough there to cover the expenses.

Donations can be made to the family which is sitting shiva (the traditional intensive mourning period) at 13 Trumpeldor Street in the coastal town of Beit Dagan, or to bank account number 340639 under the name Moriya Arami (Zafdanski), Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal branch 382.