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Orit StrukFlash 90

MK Orit Struk (Jewish Home) on Sunday visited the family of Netanel Arami, h”yd, who was killed in a fall from an a high-rise construction site last week. Police have kept details of the 26-year-old's death under wraps, but many in the community believe he was killed by Arab workers.

“Up until this moment, not one member of the police force has visited this family, nor have they bothered to update them on developments in the case,” said Struk. “Neither has any official expressed their regret or consoled them.

“Even worse,” added Struk, “is that the only reason police contacted the family was to get permission for an autopsy. I promised Netanel's young widow Moriah, his mother Miriam, and the rest of the family that I would act to immediately repair this sad situation.”

Arami, a Jewish construction worker, is thought by many to have been murdered by Arab construction workers for nationalistic reasons. Police originally thought that his death was accidental. Arami died Tuesday when he fell to his death from the eleventh floor of a Petah Tikva construction site as he was rappelling on the side of the building.

However, the few details known about the event so far, according to Walla! News, hint that Arami's fall may not have been accidental.Arami worked at the site along with fellow worker Liron Ovadiah in the hours before the fall, according to the site, and was first noticed to have been missing after he did not show up for a planned ride home. One worker returned to the construction site to search for him and found him laying dead on the ground.

Both Arami and Ovadiah were to close the vent caps of the security rooms spread along the length of the building, which is being built on Shraga Naftali Street. Due to the complexity in assembling the building's scaffolding, contractors asked the workers to put up the structure using abseiling, or a form of rappelling along the outside of the building. For several hours they worked on the site, and were due to end at 5:00 pm. At that time, Arami - hanging from cables on the 11th floor via a harness - asked his employees to prepare for the end of the day and pack up.

After the fall, and after he was was found lifeless on the ground, Arami's colleagues called an ambulance, but the Portable Intensive Care Unit at the scene pronounced him dead shortly thereafter.