Arab rioters (file)
Arab rioters (file)Flash 90

Following the shocking case of a family making a wrong turn in Jerusalem on Thursday and nearly being murdered by an Arab ambush, hareidi MK Ya'akov Margi (Shas) requested on Friday that Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovich make changes.

The family was driving near the Kotel (Western Wall) when their navigation system had them take a wrong turn into the Wadi Joz neighborhood. There, cars blocked them and they were bombarded with rocks and massive bricks before managing to escape "by a miracle," according to the traumatized mother.

Margi called on Aharonovich to "purify" a secure traffic lane to the Kotel, so as to prevent such life-threatening occurrences for those visiting the site.

"It is unthinkable that we show powerlessness and abandon the security of the public in the state of Israel to bloodthirsty rioters, and that we use kid gloves against them," wrote Margi.

"The Israeli police must create deterrence and act with a strong hand against the rioters," demanded the MK.

Recently Jerusalem has been plagued by Arab rioting, with the most recent round igniting in Wadi Joz on Sunday following the death of Mohammed Abu Sankara (16), who was injured by a non-lethal sponge round during another riot a week earlier. Police say Sankara fell after being hit in the leg with the sponge round, hitting his head.

The violence spilling over since then has included an attempt by Arab rioters on Sunday to blow up a gas station in the French Hill neighborhood, which would have caused massive destruction.

The talk of returning the security to Jerusalem comes after a report on Monday revealed the capital has witnessed an exponential growth in terrorism in the past few months, with 152 terror attacks and incidents in July and August, a stark rise from previous months.

MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) visited eastern Jerusalem and the Temple Mount with members of the Internal Affairs Committee on Thursday, warning that the loss of control over the Temple Mount and the indecisive ending of Operation Protective Edge will lead to an intifada in Jerusalem.