Toys? Daniel Tragerman was killed by rockets
Toys? Daniel Tragerman was killed by rocketsFlash 90

Israel's honorary consul to Wales, UK has called for the dismissal of the Deputy Lord Mayor of Cardiff, the country's capital, after the latter dismissed Hamas rocket attacks on Israeli civilians as "firing toy rockets" at an August rally.

Labor party councillor Ali Ahmed's comments were made at a hard-left "No NATO" rally, as part of a larger, rambling speech in which he railed against Israel and western states - whom he blamed for "creating ISIS".

"We all know what’s happening in Iraq. We all know what’s happening in Gaza, Palestine, Ukraine, Syria and Palestine. Who created all this? It’s us, America, Mr Cameron," he said, addressing the British prime minister.

"When Israel decided what they wanted to do in Gaza, in Palestine – we didn’t want a war – the Palestinians defended against Israel with rockets. They’re toy rockets.

"The Israelis are firing arms and weapons made in UK and USA, supplied by America.

"We all talk about democracy. When it came to Hamas was elected in Palestine [sic], we said no. When did democracy start here?"

He then launched a tirade against the US.

"Who created Bin Laden? It’s America. Who created ISIS? America. Now they’re saying no to ISIS!

"Of course we don’t support Isis, but the USA created them. Stay away from this. Let the people of Palestine and other parts of the world live in peace."

Watch: Ali Ahmed's comments

Philip Kaye, a Cardiff businessman who has served as Israel's honorary consul in Wales since 2010, condemned the comments as "offensive" to the Jewish community and "appalling". 

"To refer to the rockets launched against Israel as ‘toy rockets’ is appalling. One of them killed a four year-old child," he said in an email Cardiff council head, according to  Wales Online, referring to the murder of Daniel Tragerman in a mortar attack towards the end of Operation Protective Edge. He told the paper concerned members of the Jewish community had alerted him to the video.

"“I, along with many other members of the Jewish Community in Cardiff are outraged at this public outburst by our Deputy Lord Mayor," the email read.

"The disrepute he brings on the city and the honorable position of Lord Mayor of the capital city of Wales is a disgrace. I trust you will take up this matter with the utmost of urgency, and I feel Mr Ali Ahmed should step down immediately from his post or be dismissed."

The head of Cardiff council's opposition has also called for Ahmed to be removed following his comments.

British Jews experienced an unprecedented wave of anti-Semitism during Israel's defensive operation against Gazan terrorist groups, with attacks on individuals and Jewish institutions by "pro-Palestinian" activists and other radicals leaving the community seriously rattled, and questioning both the government and their communal leadership's willingness to stand up to the attacks.

Last week, thousands rallied in central London to call for a "zero tolerance" approach towards anti-Semitism.