Dozens of Arabs rioted in the Wadi Joz area of Jerusalem Sunday following the death of Mohammed Abu Sankara, 16, who was injured during another riot a week earlier. He was in a coma for a week and succumbed to his wounds Sunday. The rioters are hurling rocks and fireworks at police, according to Voice of Israel public radio. A Jewish youth was lightly hurt by a rock and several vehicles were damaged.

Police forces are using riot dispersal gear against the marauders.

The family of Abu Sankara claims that he was hit by a sponge round – a type of nonlethal anti-riot ammunition – that was fired at his head from close range. Police, however, claim that he was shot in the leg with a sponge round, then fell and hit his head as he ran away from police. They claim that police approached him and spoke to him after this and that he was conscious as he was taken to the hospital.

The constant terrorism of rock throwing in Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem is becoming an increasing threat, not only for Jews who happen to pass near such neighborhoods but for residents of all parts of the capital city.

CityPass, the company operating Jerusalem's light rail system, announced Sunday morning that "due to continued and repeated rock throwing that inflicts damage to the trains, this morning we only have 16 operable trains out of a total of 23."

"What that means is that fewer than needed trains are active on the line, and the frequency (of trains) throughout the line will be harmed," added CityPass, noting on the long-term effects of the rock terror that has decommissioned nearly half of the trains.

CityPass has been complaining for a while that their train cars have been turned into a target for Arab terrorism, a fact which prevents smooth transportation service to residents of the capital.