Islamic State terrorists parade through Raqqa
Islamic State terrorists parade through RaqqaReuters

The brutal Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) terrorist organization has continued its bloody string of executions, this time finding fit to shoot two female doctors to death after they refused to treat members of the terror group.

According to reports six people, including three women, were executed in the northern Iraqi city of Mosul by IS terrorists on Saturday publicly and without trial.

Witnesses told AFP that the terrorists broke into the homes of the two female doctors who refused to treat members of their group, as well as the home of a female candidate that ran unsuccessfully in parliamentary elections for the US-backed Iraqi government, shooting all three and taking their bodies with them.

The recent act follows the execution of a female doctor two weeks ago who refused IS's orders to dress "modestly" and cover her face with a traditional Islamic veil.

IS terrorists are also continuing to target political activists who cooperated with the Iraqi government in Baghdad.

The method the terrorists use in such cases remains uniform: armed forces arrive at the homes of the politicians and local public figures, shoot them to death right outside their homes, and leave with the body. Occasionally the additional touch of burning the home is mixed into the standard formula to make sure the public "gets the message."

A similar act used to enforce IS rule was recently seen when members of the jihadist group abducted 50 youths from a village where IS flags were burned.

The Islamic State organization is enforcing stringent sharia (Islamic law), killing those drinking alcohol or not attending public prayer, chopping off the arms and legs of thieves, and crucifying, beheading or shooting to death those charged with cursing Islam or its founder Mohammed, as well as those supporting democracy.

The brutal punishments are carried out in public, before the eyes of hundreds of residents including children.

Responding to the threat posed by IS and similar jihadist groups that seek to conquer the world, Middle East studies expert Dr. David Bukay of the University of Haifa told Arutz Sheva that the world should recognize the dangers of such groups and fight Islam like Nazism.