Israeli airstrike in Gaza (archive)
Israeli airstrike in Gaza (archive)Reuters

The Israeli Air Force on Sunday night targeted the rocket launcher from which rockets were fired at Jerusalem earlier in the day.

“A short while ago, we struck the rocket launcher that fired at Jerusalem earlier this evening,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit wrote on Twitter.

"Color red" rocket sirens were heard earlier Sunday evening in Beit Shemesh and several communities in the Jerusalem Hills, including Abu Gosh and Nave Ilan, as well as communities adjacent to Jerusalem such as Ora, Aminadav and Tzur Hadassah.

At least one rocket reportedly was shot down by the Iron Dome anti-missile defense system in the Jerusalem Hills region. Residents of Jerusalem report hearing several loud booms from the distance, indicating that the attack consisted of several missiles.

Hamas's rocket war has been continuing at full intensity, with figures on Sunday indicating over 570 rockets have been fired over the past five days; over 100 rockets were fired on Sunday alone.

In the early afternoon a salvo of roughly 13 mortar shells was fired according to Hamas, wounding five Israelis, two of them critically.