Arab child holds bullets in Gaza
Arab child holds bullets in GazaFlash90

The IDF has declassified a new special report detailing Hamas's "illegal use of civilian infrastructure" throughout the course of Operation Protective Edge, which began July 8.

The report was released on Tuesday, the same day that Hamas breached a ceasefire, and presents an irrefutable case against the terror organization utilizing intelligence maps, photographic and video evidence.

According to the report, during the course of its recent terror war on Israel, Hamas has fired over 1,600 rockets from civilian sites, cynically using UN facilities, schools, graveyards, mosques and power plants, among others.

The declassified report can be seen here in slideshow format:

The IDF has already documented Hamas's rampant usage of human shields, a phenomenon that has also been caught on film by foreign journalists.

An Indian TV report during the operation exposed terrorists setting up and launching a rocket just meters away from a Gaza hotel where members of the international media were staying, in the middle of a crowded residential area.

A France 24 TV journalist - who famously ducked for cover during a live interview when a Hamas rocket was fired right next to him - has also gone on the record to report how the rocket which caught him off guard was launched in a crowded civilian area and right in front of a UN building.