An anti-Israel activist for a boycott of Jewish-made goods from Israel boasted to a pro-Israel group of counter-demonstrators that he "loves Hitler".

The incident took place in Manchester, England, outside the Kedem cosmetics store, where BDS activists have been "beseiging" the shop in an attempt to have the store closed for selling Jewish-made Israeli goods.

British anti-Israel boycotters have shown increased aggression amid a massive spike in anti-Semitism in Europe. Several major grocery store chains have been targeted - sometimes violently - by so-called "BDS" campaigners, with one shop provoking outrage after it responded to boycott calls by temporarily removing all kosher produce from its shelves.

The branch of Sainsbury's in central London later issued an apology after an outcry by Jewish customers.

British Jews have demanded stronger action from their communal and political leaders, and criticized what they see as a weak and inadequate response to rising anti-Semitism.