Bruce Blakeman
Bruce BlakemanYoni Kempinski

Arutz Sheva recently got the chance to sit down with Bruce Blakeman, a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District of New York, to discuss the increasingly tense relations between the American administration and Israel.

Blakeman appraised that US President Barack Obama and US Secretary of State John Kerry are on the "far-left of the political spectrum...they are pro-Palestinian." The Congressman-hopeful said that regardless of that fact, Hamas "has to be rooted out and destroyed, or there will never be peace."

An agreement with Hamas or the Palestinian Authority (PA) won't bring peace and "is a mistake," said Blakeman, noting the pressure the US is exerting on Israel to seal such an agreement.

Reports in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday night revealed that the pressure has gone as far as Obama's administration blocking a Hellfire missile shipment to Israel, and ordering closer scrutiny of future arms transfers to the Jewish state.

In contrast to Obama's position, Blakeman noted "I'm a Republican; I'm proud to be a Republican. I'm a Jew; I'm proud to be a Jew. ...If elected I will fight for Israel." He added that his district has the highest Jewish population of any US Congressional district.

On his statement of candidacy, found on his website, Blakeman declared "I decided to run because I believe we need to elect a member of congress who will be a check and balance to President Obama and the Democrats in congress, not someone who will just rubber stamp everything the President does."

"America should strike Iran's nuclear program"

Speaking on another issue, Blakeman remarked that Iran's nuclear weapons program "is the biggest problem right now."

Noting that Iran has openly threatened to destroy Israel, the Congressional candidate added that stopping the Islamic regime in its pursuit of nuclear weapons is an American interest too, given that Iran's nuclear program is "a danger to the world."

Blakeman vowed to push for tougher sanctions on Iran if he is elected, and said that if the sanctions do not work within a given time, "I believe America should take military take out their nuclear weapons program."

Finally, Blakeman noted the challenge presented by the "far-left" control of global media; the inaccurate reporting on Operation Protective Edge has led global anti-Semitic incidents to spike by 383% last month, as compared to the same month last year.

"You would think, intellectually, that people who claim to care about human rights and civil rights, would be supporting Israel. But instead, they support a terror organization," said Blakeman, reminding that Hamas aims to destroy Israel and impose its radical Islam on the entire world.