Rafah border between Egypt and Gaza
Rafah border between Egypt and GazaFlash 90

Arab news sources reported Wednesday that Egypt has agreed to open the crossing between it and Gaza at Rafah, on the condition that the Gazan side be supervised by the Palestinian Authority under Mahmoud Abbas, and not by Hamas.

Hamas has reportedly agreed to this, mostly because the it is now a part of the PA government, since joining Abbas's Fatah in a unity coalition.

Abbas is supposed to serve as the link between Egypt and Israel regarding Gaza, according to the reports.

It was also agreed that a conference would be held next month in Norway, to collect funds for rehabilitating Gaza.

After the Israeli delgation arrived Tuesday, the US is also joining the talks in Cairo. Spokesperson for the US Department of State, Jen Psaki, said on Tuesday night that Frank Lowenstein, the American Middle East Envoy, was making his way to Cairo in order to participate in ceasefire talks between Israel and factions within the Palestinian Authority.

Psaki added that Lowenstein will support the Egyptian initiative and that he will not speak directly with Hamas representatives.