IDF soldiers near Gaza fence (file)
IDF soldiers near Gaza fence (file)Flash 90

IDF troops were operating in the area of Gaza border towns Monday afternoon, in what security officials said was a “security incident.” Officials did not specify what they meant by the term, but they said that residents of the border communities needed to remain behind locked doors. The warning was called off several hours later.

Several roads in the area had been closed. Police turned back drivers attempting to drive to the southern border area. Police and IDF soldiers are searching for several individuals involved in the incident. Roads in the area are now open.

Several such incidents have been reported in recent days; the incidents have usually revolved around concern that a terrorist or group of terrorists had infiltrated the area. 

The report on the security incident broke moments after an Arab terrorist opened fire on an IDF soldier standing at a bus stop in Jerusalem Monday afternoon. Earlier Monday afternoon, an Arab terrorist slammed into a bus in Jerusalem in another attack, killing a pedestrian.