MK Yariv Levin
MK Yariv LevinFlash 90

Coalition Chairman MK Yariv Levin (Likud) wants Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy put on trial for treason, following articles he wrote in the course of Operation Protective Edge.

"Gideon Levy is the lowest kind of provocateur,” Levin told Channel 2 Saturday evening. “When someone who lives among you turns himself into an enemy mouthpiece, while spreading lies, out of the hope that this will undermine your ability to wage war – this is called, in simple Hebrew, 'treason'.

"Levy writes the enemy's lies in an Israeli newspaper, and then these writings are quoted all over the entire world as if they were written by Israelis, and as if they reflect a reality that is supposedly objective,” he explained.

"In no other country would anyone have published the evil screeds he writes, and I believe that [in other countries,] legal proceedings would have been initiated against him – proceedings of the kind that are initiated against people who harm the soldiers even as they charge forward.

"It is time we stop regarding despicable phenomena like this with tolerance,” MK Levin added. “My statement is not harsh. What is harsh and grave is behaving like this at a time like this, when we see the difficult prices we are paying, and how difficult the struggle we are waging is.”

Haaretz has reportedly hired bodyguards for Levy, who aroused anger recently when he penned a provocative article in which he accused IAF pilots of murdering innocents.