Mossab Yousef
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In an interview on Fox News Channel Wednesday, Mosab Hassan Yousef, son of Hamas founder Sheikh Hassan Yousef, praised Israel for fighting against Hamas, saying it was the only way to prevent future wars and save the lives of civilians in both Israel and Gaza. Yousef has appeared on other news channels in recent days, including CNN (see link below) discussing the issue.

Yousef, 36, was born in Ramallah and was raised as part of the burgeoning Hamas terror movement. In a 2010 autobiography, Yousef said that he was first arrested at age ten for throwing rocks at IDF soldiers, and was arrested several times afterwards as well. After he was arrested in 1996, he said he began to have doubts about Palestinian terrorism and Islam in general. He agreed to become an Israeli informant, eventually converting to Christianity and moving to California, where he was granted provisional political asylum in the US.

In the interview, conducted by Sean Hannity of the Fox News Channel, Yousef discussed the issue of Hamas' “humanitarian” activities. Speaking Sunday, House Minority leader Nancy Pelosi described how she had been told by Qatari officials that “we have to confer with the Qataris, who have told me over and over again that Hamas is a humanitarian organization,” although there were terrorist elements in the group as well, she added.

Yousef said that there was no way Hamas could be considered “humanitarian. It is a terrorist organization with a humanitarian face to it. Basically Hamas hijacked the Palestinian cause to push their political and religious ideological agenda. Even if Israel were to come tomorrow and offer Hamas the 1967 boundaries, Hamas wouldn't care. It doesn't have boundaries to its ideological agenda. It wants to destroy Israel and any country that does not agree with its ideology,” he said.

As far as Qatar is concerned, that Gulf country is responsible for the many deaths in Gaza because of its support for Hamas.

The Qataris are responsible in part for what is going on, and so is Turkey,” he said. “Qatar has been funding Hamas for years and in Turkey lives one of Hamas' top leaders, Salah al-Arouri, who gave the command to kidnap and slaughter the three Israeli teens in Hevron. Hamas organization is simply a terrorist organization and it does not care about the lives of Palestinians or Israelis,” he said.

When asked by Hannity why he was speaking out, Yousef said that he had had enough of Palestinian politics. “We paid a high price for the sake of Hamas and Palestine,” he said. “I witnessed the violence and the dirty politics behind it growing up and I decided to go my own way. But now I feel I need to speak up. The children of Gaza remind me of myself 20 years ago, how we were crying in the streets, and the politicians were sending us to die. When the children of Gaza stop dying many people will be out of business. This is the time to speak up and unmask the faces of Hamas and the others promoting terror.”

And instead of pressing Israel to accept a cease-fire, said Yousef, US President Barack H Obama should “make a hard leadership decision. It's true that the children of Gaza are suffering, but how many more wars will there be if Hamas is allowed to continue? Israel is in the middle of the job; let's help them to uproot Hamas. Without this there will be more Gaza wars and more Gaza children being killed. This is not the first Hamas war, it is the fourth and there will be many more.

“So I am asking the President: As the supreme power he has the responsibility to see this through. It is not about siding with Israel,” Yousef added. “I have a lot of family in Gaza and I feel for them. But Israel is doing them the biggest favor by fighting against Hamas.”