France vows zero tolerance for anti-semitism
France vows zero tolerance for anti-semitismReuters

“For the first time since World War II, cries and shouts to 'Kill the Jews' have been sounded on the streets of France,” said Meir Haviv, a member of the French Parliament.

Speaking at the Knesset Monday, Haviv described some details of the recent incidents of anti—Semitism in France, including attempts to attack synagogues, individuals, and Jewish-owned stores and schools.

“I greatly fear that we will soon experience a second Toulouse attack,” he said, referring to an attack by Islamist terrorists on a Jewish school in 2012.

Haviv spoke to Knesset members during a special session convened to discuss anti-Semitism in France and the rest of Europe.

Haviv said that some 1,000 French nationals were in “Jihad camp” in Syria, boning up on their terror skills. “These are 1,000 ticking time bombs,” he said. “If Jews cannot live safely in France, this is not just a problem for Jews, but for France itself.”

Several weeks agoMuslim rioters surrounded Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, and threw rocks into the house of worship.

Large scale police forces were called to extricate the Jews. Clashes erupted in Paris on Sunday as thousands of people protested against Israel and in support of terrorist groups in Gaza.

Haviv said he wanted the world to learn from history. “At Munich in 1938 they wanted to prevent a war at all costs and submitted to the demands of the Nazis. They were wrong then, and today the United States is wrong to submit to the demands of Jihadists. They were wrong in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, and Iran.”

Haviv added that “official France” understood the issue. “Last week the French Prime Minister got up in the Parliament and said that 'anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism,' and he received great applause. It is not easy to say something like that in today's France.”