Border Police Commander Yeshurun Zoran spoke about his involvement in Sunday's bomb scare, in a special interview with Arutz Sheva Sunday afternoon. 

Zoran stated that he identified the car as suspicious and asked the driver to turn off the vehicle, but the driver continued to drive, dragging him along a little with his body still physically in the car. 

"I approached the vehicle - and when I pulled out my gun and looked, the contents were very suspicious; it looked like a car bomb," Zoran stated. 

That is when the driver began to pull him along - literally. 

"I opened the door, pushed the driver out, and neutralized him," he said. "Then my troops, and soldiers from the [Border Police] Taoz unit, joined us. [Together,] we neutralized the threat and closed the area [off]."

Zoran's suspicions were confirmed when he finally gained access to the back of the car, he said. 

"The whole back was filled with gas balloons, and there were colored wires between them," he recounted. "We saved many lives in Israel - it's just our job - and I am sure that anyone else would have done the same." 

The driver, wearing a wig, was first spotted while driving from the Beitar Illit area to nearby Tzur Hadassah in a Berlingo car with Palestinian plates. 

Sappers neutralized the explosives; the suspect has been taken into Israel Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) custody for questioning.