Terrorists were apprehended at a Gush Etzion checkpoint on Sunday morning, after being caught attempting to transport explosives into a Jewish community. 

Jerusalem Border Police stopped a Berlingo vehicle with Palestinian plates a short time ago, as it made its way from the Beitar Illit area to nearby Tzur Hadassah. 

The vehicle slowed down suspiciously before stopping, police said, before being ordered to pull over. Police immediately identified the driver as wearing a wig. 

"He was acting suspiciously, so we had to investigate," the commander of the checkpoint told Arutz Sheva after the incident. 

The driver stalled turning off his vehicle; Border Police soldiers were forced to take the keys and turn off the engine for him. The driver then slammed the keys back into the ignition and began driving away - dragging the policeman with him; after a few meters, the officer was forced to draw his weapon, cock the gun and aim at the suspect to force the driver to stop. 

The move succeeded and the investigation continued. 

A powerful explosive was found in the car's trunk, which was later neutralized by sappers; police and IDF reinforcements were called in. '

The suspect has been arrested and taken in to Israeli Security Agency (ISA or Shin Bet) custody.