The IDF on Monday released photos and videos that offered irrefutable proof that Hamas terrorists were indeed using civilian neighborhoods and facilities – including hospitals – to fire rockets at Israel. The IDF spokesperson released the materials on its Twitter account Monday afternoon.

Israel has long insisted that Hamas uses Gaza civilians as human shields, forcing them to remain in the line of fire so that they could be killed or injured by IDF troops. Hamas denies these charges, despite numerous photos and videos released by the IDF proving them.

A declassified photo posted on Twitter shows some locations of rockets and rocket launchers in the Shuja'iya neighborhood, placed on playgrounds, inside mosques and homes, and even in a cemetery. In addition, the photos show a missile launcher at the entrance to Al-Wafa Geriatric Hospital in the neighborhood.

The IDF said Monday afternoon that soldiers had so far in four days of fighting eliminated 150 terrorists, with 587 terror targets hit. Sixteen terror tunnels have been destroyed, and 45 others have been stopped up. During that period, terrorists have fired nearly 400 rockets at Israel. The Iron Dome system intercepted 76 rockets during that period.

Israel bombed the hospital last week, after warning staff and patients to leave, to the condemnation of many in the West. The photos, said the IDF spokesperson, showed how Hamas continued “to make cynical use of civilians in its attempts to kill Israelis. The IDF will continue to defend Israelis, while continuing to attempt to protect civilians in Gaza as it pursues the government's goal of restoring long-term quiet to Israeli cities.”