Anti-Israel protest in Paris
Anti-Israel protest in ParisReuters

After tens of thousands of people participated over the past several days in violent protests against Israel in London, Paris, and other locations around the world, with protestors in Paris attacking a synagogue last week, Jewish communities in the Diaspora aren't taking any chances. Many have asked local police for extra patrols around synagogues and schools to prevent attacks by anti-Israel mobs, while those who can afford it are hiring private security companies for protection.

Among the institutions where extra security have been stationed is the world-famous headquarters of the Lubavitch hassidic movement, 770 Eastern Parkway, in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn. Located in a long-time high-crime area, directors of the institution are concerned that matters could get out of hand, and are checking all those seeking to enter the building.

Parts of central London were brought to a standstill on Saturday as thousands of pro-Palestinians marched in protest against Israel's offensive in Gaza, while in Paris a banned demonstration descended into violence.

Last Sunday, Muslim rioters surrounded Don Yitzchak Abarbanel Synagogue in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, and threw rocks into the house of worship. Large scale police forces were called to extricate the Jews.