Hamas terrorists in Gaza (file)
Hamas terrorists in Gaza (file)Reuters

Osama Hamdan, who is in charge of foreign affairs in Hamas, has presented an uncompromising stance regarding the war against Israel.

In the course of the meal breaking the daily Ramadan fast, Hamdan said that Hamas can hold on for many months, and that it is manufacturing a new missile for every one that is fired at Israel, and has additional “surprises” in store. All of Hamas's rockets are locally manufactured, he said, except for the Grad Katyushas which were brought from Libya.

Hamdan described the Egyptian mediation as an attempt that reflects the mentality of the period of “Arab defeats,” but said that the Palestinian nation today will only agree to “the mentality of the generation that seeks freedom and refuses to be humiliated.”

While the entire world intervenes to try and save Israel and stop the war, said Hamdan, Hamas is steadfast in its position, that the fire must only cease in accordance under the conditions it sets, and that the enemy must either heed these conditions or face continued missile strikes.

Hamdan added that when Israel declared a ceasefire, Hamas's response was to fire 47 missiles at western Jerusalem, Eilat and Tel Aviv. He mocked the Israelis, saying: “The Jew cannot stand to suffer in the shelter for two hours, and the nation in Gaza has gotten used to sleeping to the sound of artillery.”

"In the next campaign,” he promised, “we plan to manufacture larger missiles, and we will plan the liberation of the land (inside Israel) and its annexation to the liberated territory (in Gaza) and we will attack them by land.”