The Al-Kassam Brigades of Hamas, usually referred to as the terror group's armed wing, have produced a one-minute propaganda video aimed at frightening the residents of Be'er Sheva, and urging them to flee their homes to avoid being killed.

"To the settlers of Be'er Sheva,” declares the clip; “your leaders have bombed our homes, killed our children and sentenced you to death. Run, before it is too late.”

The clip features footage of rockets being launched from a multiple rocket launcher, and a body being placed in an Israeli ambulance.

The Al-Kassam Brigades published additional videos this week, which presented a new type of rocket allegedly being manufactured in Gaza, and a multiple rocket launching device. The group's spokesman repeatedly warned that it has the means of striking every community in Israel.

Unlike previous Hamas productions, the latest clip features no mistakes in Hebrew spelling or grammar. Past videos were full of such blunders, which became running jokes among Israelis.