A video has surfaced Wednesday demonstrating the full extent of the violence in Jerusalem Wednesday, as enraged Arab rioters began mercilessly beating one of their own. 

Al-Quds reports that a crowd of angry rioters descended on a Palestinian Arab man during anti-Israel riots on Wednesday, beating him with their hands and with sticks until IDF forces physically rescued him from his compatriots. 

According to the news outlet, the rioters were convinced that their victim - fellow rioter 40 year-old Yousef Abu Badria - was an undercover police officer. 

Badria was treated for his injuries and later escorted out of the neighborhood by IDF and security forces, after determining that he was Palestinian Arab and did not have Israeli citizenship. 

Danger of deterioration?

Rioting and unrest have exploded in Jerusalem Wednesday in reaction to the murder of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khder, who was found in the Jerusalem Forest earlier Wednesday after allegedly being forced into a black car outside Beit Hanina. 

Israeli leaders - including the mayor of Jerusalem and Prime Minister Netanyahu - rushed to condemn the murder, after rumor circulated that it was the work of Jewish extremists looking for "revenge" over the abduction and murder of three Israeli teens Naftali Frenkel, Gilad Sha'ar and Eyal Yifrah. 

Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, as well as some in the international media, have since repeated those claims as fact. But Israeli police have said it is far from clear at this point whether the attack was "nationalistic" or "criminal" in nature, and urged "responsibility" over reporting on it, without specifying further. It is worth noting that very little information is available about any of the circumstances behind the murder. 

Meanwhile, the situation has been worsening throughout the day, with rioters throwing pipe bombs, Molotov cocktails, and rocks at Israeli forces and the press.

Late Wednesday, Jerusalem City Councilman Aryeh King warned that the situation in Jerusalem could deteriorate, noting that the entire situation is likely the work of anti-Israeli elements looking to foment incitement in the wake of the funeral for the Israeli teens.