Israel Day Parade
Israel Day ParadeArutz Sheva Staff

Today's Israel Day Parade saw roughly 35,000 people march in support of Israel, joined by hundreds of thousands of spectators in an impressive show of solidarity with the State of Israel in the heart of New York City.

Although the parade included Jews and non-Jews alike, it was as much a reflection of the diversity of the American Jewish community as it was a demonstration of bipartisan political support for the Jewish state.

From Orthodox yeshiva high schools and synagogues to reform and liberal groups, from Israel advocacy organizations to war veterans' societies, the march saw Zionists of every walk of life bear the Israeli flag together in a surprising show of unity. 

Concerns had been raised over tensions between leftist and nationalist groups at the parade, which had been feuding over the past several weeks about the right of Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) groups to participate in the US's largest pro-Israel march. 

On Sunday, Arutz Sheva talked to representatives from both sides of the political divide at the parade - including activists from pro-BDS Partners for Progressive Israel and nationalist watchdog groups.

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