Gaza terrorists train with explosives (file)
Gaza terrorists train with explosives (file)Flash 90

Two attacks on IDF soldiers near the security fence of Gaza occurred on Wednesday.

Three mortar shells were fired at IDF forces conducting activities to expose terror tunnels just over the fence in central Gaza.

Likewise an explosive charge was detonated near an IDF routine patrol near the security fence in southern Gaza.

No injuries among the soldiers were reported, although the blast caused light damage to engineering equipment. Walla! reports that the blast apparently damaged a bulldozer.

IDF forces responded by opening fire at points on the other side of the fence where they suspected the presence of terrorists surveying the effects of the bomb.

An IDF source noted "terror sources are manipulating the space adjacent to the fence to place explosives and to use terror against IDF forces and citizens of the state of Israel."

The attack is just the latest in a long string of explosives placed by terrorists targeting the IDF on the Gaza fence, with a blast in late April causing no injuries, and two more discovered and neutralized before they could cause damage in late March.

Terror activity in the Hamas-enclave of Gaza appears to slowly be on the rise since the unity deal signed with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah faction in late April. Hamas declared that regardless of the deal, it would continue armed "resistance" against Israel.

Another incident testifying to the ongoing unrest occurred Monday, when an IDF Navy force opened fire at Arab boats as they breached the permitted zone in the waters off of southern Gaza. The boats were lightly damaged and two of the people aboard them were taken for questioning.